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There are plenty of housing options available for students at each AE study abroad destination and some of AE’s partner universities also offer on-campus housing. Most students prefer to live either near campus or close to convenient transportation connections to the campus. The accommodation options in the private market are usually across the board much more luxurious than student housing on campus. Yet, the prices in the private market are still very affordable because of the generally lower prices in Asia.

In Asian cultures it’s common to do business face-to-face. Arranging accommodation in advance by email or phone may be difficult. This is nothing to worry about, though, because taking care of housing arrangements once you are on location at the destination is straightforward and easy. This is also when the details of the rental agreement and the final price are agreed upon.

Some students choose affordable accommodation without any extra conveniences, while others want to live large during their exchange and dip into their own swimming pool after classes. It is worthwhile looking into all different options and it’s up to you to choose the accommodation that best suits your needs.

If you want to ask around for a roommate in advance, you can do so on AE’s Facebook.

After the application round has closed, AE will send students the Asia Exchange Guide that includes, among other things, detailed information on accommodation options recommended by our previous students.

Accommodation for the first days

It’s often easier to find accommodation only after arriving at the study abroad destination and by staying the first few nights at a hotel or a hostel and shopping around for suitable accommodation options. You’ll also have time to find a roommate among the other students. We recommend to book the accommodation for your first days via Agoda.

Country specific info

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