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Donnons la parole aux étudiants ! En explorant les liens ci-dessous, vous trouverez divers blogs, compte rendus, interview, articles et vidéos de nos étudiants partis étudier dans nos destinations.  Les blogs contiennent tout autant les récits des anciens étudiants ayant fini leur échange que les histoires et astuces des étudiants en échange en ce moment-même. Profitez des renseignements, des astuces et des photos qu’ils ont mis en ligne ! La majorité du contenu de ces pages est en anglais.

Reportage étudiant choix de l’équipe AE

Barbora at Phuket

“Where are they now?”

Asia Exchange contacte ses anciens étudiants pour apprendre ce qu’ils deviennent après leur échange. Vous trouverez ci-dessous des articles écrits sur ces étudiants (en anglais).



Citations de nos étudiants

“Study hard, learn as much as you can both culturally and academically, but always remember to make time for putting that cultural knowledge to use. Travel, grow and live in the moment.“

– Lacey Cooper (Grand Valley State University, USA), a étudié en Thaïlande

“The world changes fast. It’s estimated that up to 60 % of the world economy comes from developing countries. Even the leaders at the World Bank have encouraged students to educate themselves about Asia and the diverse cultures of the continent. Asia is the best choice for my future career and life.”

– Jukka Leino, entrepreneur et étudiant à la University of Helsinki (Finlande), a étudié à Phuket

“Before the study abroad semester I always thought about how great the slogan “Life Changing Experiences” sounds, but I was sure it was a bit overrated. But after these 4 months I can really say that this was the best time of my life and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss one second of the whole experience! I want to thank Asia Exchange for giving me the opportunity to experience the best time of my life.”

– Johannes Rofner (Management Center Innsbruck, Austriche), a étudié à Bali

“The world has an interesting way of dishing out great experiences to the ones who are passionate about their dreams and want to live up to them. Thanks to the International Office at my home university! Thanks to Tuomas and Harri at Asia Exchange for making this possible! Asia keeps calling me back!”

– Miia Muukkonen (Finlande), a étudié à Phuket

“Being a student at Kasetsart University, a world-class university, allowed me to get to know and enjoy every single aspect of Thai life and culture. I learned a lot about the business scene but also had possibilities to visit other South-East Asian countries. A student gets to know locals and the culture much better than a tourist does.”

– Angela Carella (Italie), a étudié à Bangkok

“I never could have imagined what kind of a benefit this experience is in working life. I started to look for summer jobs and internships when I knew that I am coming to study here. I sent three applications to different places and I got all the jobs. Can you believe it, all three!”

– Jenna Hytti (Finlande), a étudié à Guangzhou, Chine

I first got to know about Asia Exchange from a friend who did an exchange semester in Bali in a different program. His friends were in the BIPAS program and told very positive things about it, which made me interested. The courses not only teach a lot about Indonesia and its culture, but also offer a multicultural perspective into tourism and economics. People have also said that they felt taken care of during the program. The exchange program offers a lot even for people who aren’t currently enrolled at an institution and want to gain valuable experiences between their degree studies.

– Frieda Schifner, a étudié à Bali

“We wanted to thank you already for you excellent services! Every question has been quickly and thoroughly answered! Light-heartedly, we are heading towards new and unforgettable experiences via Asia Exchange.”

– Ilkka et Erika (Finlande), ont étudié à Phuket

“Korea and HUFS was a culturally enriching experience that gave me profound insights on many new things. I established friendships that will hopefully last for a lifetime and I felt like I really infiltrated the Korean culture – I got into it. I’m extremely grateful for the entire experience. Going abroad has opened up my eyes and allowed me to see that there is another world out there besides the world I live in. I have put to rest my prenotions. I cannot wait to travel to back to Korea and experience new things and meet more people.”

– Michael (Prairie View A&M University au Texas, USA), a étudié à Séoul

“The studies have surprised me in a very positive way. You often hear that people treat exchange semesters as holidays, and subsequently not much effort is put into studying. The quality of the teaching in Phuket is, albeit, very good and you have to attend 80 % of the classes – in accordance with the mandatory attendance policy. The students are regularly tested on what they have learnt, through various assignments and exams.”

– Meri-Tuulia Huurresalo (Finlande), a étudié à Phuket


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