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Summer School in Korea 2017: Still time left to apply

Study abroad in Seoul, Korea - Summer School Session
Could this be where you’re heading this summer?

Apply until June 18th to an International Summer School Session in Seoul, Korea

If your plans for the summer have not yet been set in stone, we have  some good news for you. It’s still possible to apply for the 4-week long International Summer Session in Seoul, Korea, organized by one of the top private universities of the country, the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. The summer school takes place from July 13th to August 10th. The extended application period runs until June 18th.

Who is the summer school program for?

If you’re a student on a tight schedule and intend to graduate quickly, you might feel you don’t have time for a full-blown semester abroad. Maybe you do have the time, but you may have trouble getting the courses completed abroad counted towards your degree at home, while your home university still expects you to progress in your studies. Either way, studying abroad during a normal semester seems like an impossibility.

If that’s true for you and you’re still yearning to study abroad, then a summer school might be the perfect option for you.

For students, summer is typically a time for holidays, working, or sometimes more studying. A summer school is a way to make productive use of that time: you can study, explore a new country and get to know new people at the same time, all within the scope of just 4 weeks.

>> Learn more about the summer school session at Hankuk University

What will I learn?

The International Summer Session is particularly well suited for students interested in learning about Korean culture and language. Other topics include performing arts, culture, economy and business, Asian politics, contemporary society and international relations. Courses such as Human Rights in North Korea, Korean Food and Korean Cinema have also been popular among international students. All the courses are taught in English.

The program provides a unique opportunity for you to deepen your understanding of Korean and East Asian societies and the sources of their current trends. The summer program is truly international: you will be learning side by side from students from all over the world, including local students.

>> Learn more about the International Summer Session in Seoul and apply

Students at the International Summer School Session in Seoul, Korea
Students at the Summer School

About Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies has been continuously ranked as the best international university in Korea. The university was also ranked 3rd in the world in the category of Language Education in the QS World University Rankings in 2013.

Each autumn and spring, the university attracts large numbers of international students with a global mindset – students like Barbara, Wojciech, Michael and Niklas – who are interested in benefiting from the university’s top notch education, especially in the fields of languages, international business and international relations.

International Summer School Session 2017 Hankuk University Application Deadline Extended




Asia Exchange attended NAFSA in Los Angeles

Our lovely international coordinator, Nina, attended NAFSA conference in Los Angeles in the beginning of June. Here are some of her thoughts from “The Place” in the field of international education.

Greetings from the City of Angels!

I just returned back to Finland from Los Angeles, where I had a chance to take part in the world’s largest conference in international education and exchange. NAFSA – Association of International Educators – organizes the conference annually in the United States, and it has become ”The Place” to find out the latest trends in the field of education and to meet like-minded professionals all around the world. This is why we at Asia Exchange attend the conference regularly!

Months, weeks and days before the conference are always hectic and exciting. The participant list of the conference is announced few weeks before the conference, and participants are browsing through it enthusiastically; ”Will they be in the conference? Would we have a chance to meet with them, since it seems that we might have synergies? Is she/he going to participate; could we continue where we were left last year? Maybe we could meet with them and have a glass of sparkling wine together for our successful partnership?”. Emails and social media channels are nearly stuck because of the meeting requests, calendars fill up quickly due to the meetings and days pass by when browsing through different partner proposals. Assistants try to keep up with the speed of the changes. All the people are thriving to meet old and new partners!

Asia Exchange international coordinators at NAFSA 2017
Our international coordinators Sami and Nina all set for an enjoyable conference day.

During the conference days participants are divided roughly into two groups; those who mainly attend the sessions, and those who spend their days in the meetings. Sessions are built around latest, specific themes from the field, and meetings, on the other hand, have been organized by participants themselves. Never minding the group, people usually lack the time for proper lunch and dinner breaks and run according to minute schedules – and at some point, it should be possible to visit the expo booths, too, where organizations of the field present their services. Meeting places have been agreed in beforehand without seeing the conference hall, and usually it causes misunderstandings and needs for double checks. Sessions are organized in different halls, and it takes time to move from one to another, since there is always something to discuss with the person next to you after the session. Getting to know the area map, wearing comfortable shoes and remembering to drink enough water are basic and practical rules for every conference attendant.

Los Angeles Convention Center
This year NAFSA was organized in Los Angeles Convention Center and it brought nearly 10 000 international professionals together.

As the day is over and your feet scream for getting out of the shoes and head is full of names of the new people you have met, it is not time to rest, as one might think. To get everything out of the conference hours, there are several receptions every evening. Reception usually means nice evening venue with a glass of wine and a lot of people and noisy talk. Partners invite each other for the receptions and when the reception is over, people continue networking – sometimes until very late hours. And naturally, next morning everything begins from the scratch again – only with few hours less of sleep and in most cases, with jet lag, too.

Expo Hall at NAFSA 2017
In the NAFSA Expo Hall you were able to meet hundreds of institutions, organizations, and service providers from across the globe.

It may seem like a burden to participate in a conference knowing everything above. The sweetest thing is still, that after being bit by a ”conference fly”, already on your flight home you start to wait for the next conference. Meeting people from all around the world, hearing their views of the field and life in general, setting up the questions and solving problems together, getting a break from everyday routine will make you feel energized and excited. With new partners, it is always exciting to know how things evolve, and after nice discussion at the conference it is natural and interesting to continue working together from a distance. Old partnerships will be strengthened too, and some innovative ideas may be brought up thanks to the sessions or other meetings. Pockets full of business cards, fingers waiting for the moment to be ably to type messages to the partners.

NAFSA is about the excitement of internationalization, networking, updates and busy schedules! As someone mentioned during the conference, if you are not in NAFSA, you do not exist. Maybe we will meet in Philadelphia in 2018?

Last chance to study in Indonesia next autumn!

Dreaming of a change of environment next autumn while also learning something useful and gaining academic credits?

While most application deadlines have now passed, there’s still plenty of time to apply for a study abroad semester in the beautiful Bali or lovely Lombok in Indonesia! The application deadline for both programs is June 18th.

Gain insight into Indonesian culture

The centrally located Warmadewa University in Bali offers an engaging, interdisciplinary study program where you can dive deep into Indonesian culture and expand your knowledge on other in-demand topics such as Strategic Management and Environmental Sustainability.  You can earn up 36 ECTS (around 20 US credits) and take courses on both Bachelor’s and Master’s level.  Indonesia is one of the emerging economies of the world, and this program is ideally suited for everyone wanting to get a better understanding of what the country is all about. Read more about the program here.

You can also check out the blog by Henri who is studying at Warmadewa University during summer semester 2017!

Warmadewa University is located in the nice and green area of Renon, just a short ride from beaches in Sanur.

 Go for a different kind of study abroad semester

Tired of all the hustle and bustle and looking for something entirely different for your study abroad semester? The lovely, peaceful island of Lombok is just a 25 minute flight away from Bali is home to Mataram University, which offers the only semester-long international program on the whole island. The program features courses in Indonesian language, culture and history, several business courses as well as a host of interesting workshops and excursions.

The program is ideal for everyone looking for a tranquil, authentic study environment and a chance for a full cultural immersion. Find out more about the program here or read more about Lombok in our blog.

You can also contact Tytti, who studied at Mataram University last autumn. She’s happy to answer any questions you might have!

Study abroad in Lombok - Mataram University
At the beautiful Mataram University campus you will have many opportunities to interact with local students as well.

Applying is easy – confirmation within a week

Applying to either program is easy. You just fill out an online application form (here for Warmadewa University and here for Mataram University) and submit it with the required attachments. You will receive a confirmation of your study placement already within a week.

If you have any questions related to the programs or studying in Indonesia in general, feel free to contact us!

“Live your dream! Rather than reading and dreaming about unforgettable adventures, why not to experience it all yourself!

– Tytti Haimivaara, Finland, studied abroad at Mataram University in Lombok

There’s still time to apply for a study abroad semester next autumn!

Would you like to spend a semester abroad this autumn? If yes, then now it is the time for some action, as the application deadline for the many of our programs for the upcoming autumn semester is due on May 31st 2017 (June 18th for Warmadewa University, Bali and Mataram University, Lombok). Our students have the opportunity to choose their destination from several vital and modern metropolises, but the ones enjoying more laid-back beach life aren’t forgotten either! Check out our destinations and partner universities and find the right match for you!

Seoul: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (you can also still apply for the one month Summer School)

Guangzhou: Guangzhou University

Bangkok: Siam University (BBA)

Bali: Udayana University Summer School

Bali: Warmadewa University

Lombok: Mataram University

Our application process is very easy and fast. You will receive an initial acceptance to the program within a week of sending your application. Fill out an application and secure your place in the program of your desires and get to spend an unforgettable semester abroad this autumn!

Our whole selection of destinations and programs can be found here.

Launching brand new free webinars!

Been through our website, read all the information you can find but still have some questions about studying in Asia? Or perhaps you haven’t yet made up your mind whether Asia is the right study abroad destination for you?

We’re now introducing free webinars aimed towards anyone who is interested in studying in Asia, whether it’s about doing a study abroad semester (or a year), joining a summer school or completing a whole degree. The webinars are free of charge.

The webinars are held by our experienced team members. You can submit questions beforehand which you would like to get answered during the webinar, or you can ask your questions  during the webinar itself.

There will be both general webinars about studying in Asia as well as webinars focusing on specific destinations in Asia, for example Indonesia or Thailand.

The first general webinar will take place on Friday, March 24th at 10 AM Central European time (GMT +1). You will learn why Asia is quickly becoming one of the most popular study abroad destinations for students from all over the world and why studying in Asia can be an important investment into your personal and professional future. Learn more about this webinar and sign up here. Please note that there is only a limited number of seats available, so if you’re interested, be quick to sign up!

Additional webinars will be held next autumn. We’ll keep you posted!

Hallinnon harjoittelija kansainvälisiin tehtäviin

Toivotko työharjoittelultasi monipuolisuutta ja kansainvälisyyttä? Taidatko sujuvan kirjallisen kommunikoinnin? Kuljetatko mukanasi hyvää fiilistä? Tahdotko päästä työskentelemään palvelun parissa, joka mahdollistaa nuorille unohtumattoman elämänkokemuksen?

Haemme tiimiimme kesäksi 2017 hallinnon tehtäviin osallistuvaa korkeakouluharjoittelijaa Tampereelle. Tehtävä sopii esimerkiksi liiketalouden, markkinointiviestinnän tai humanististen tieteiden opiskelijalle. 

Tehtäviisi kuuluu: 

  • Opiskelijavaihtohakemusten käsittely ja asiakasrekisterien ylläpito
  • Monipuoliset tiedonetsintä- ja selvitystyöt
  • Sisällöntuotanto eri dokumentteihin sekä nettisivustollemme
  • Viestinnän avustavat tehtävät sekä asiakaspalvelu suomeksi ja englanniksi

Tehtävät muotoutuvat myös harjoittelijan oman taustan ja mielenkiinnon kohteiden mukaisesti.

Tehtävässä menestyminen edellyttää:

  • Vahvaa suullista ja kirjallista englannin- ja suomenkielen taitoa, muun vieraan kielen hallinta on eduksi
  • Toimisto-ohjelmien ja sosiaalisen median hallintaa
  • Itsenäistä ja tarkkaa otetta, organisointikykyä, tunnollisuutta, sitoutuneisuutta ja innokkuutta

Eduksi katsomme kokemuksen opiskelijavaihdosta sekä muun kansainvälisen kokemuksen.


  • Mielekkäitä ja monipuolisia tehtäviä kansainvälisyyteen panostavassa yrityksessä, jossa voit nähdä työsi tulokset
  • Ammattitaitoisen, avoimen, modernin, rennon ja yrittäjähenkisen 15 hengen työyhteisön, jossa yksilö pääsee vaikuttamaan
  • 100 % tuen onnistumisiin sekä mahdollisuuden jättää itsestäsi hyvä kuva tulevaisuutta ajatellen

Harjoittelun kesto on 4-6 kk ja aloitus kesä-heinäkuussa 2017. Harjoittelun rahallinen korvaus muodostuu pääsääntöisesti opintotuesta sekä korkeakoulun mahdollisesti myöntämästä tuesta. Myös muusta korvauksesta voidaan sopia.

Hae ainutlaatuiseen tiimiimme lähettämällä hakemus ja CV mahdollisimman pian, viimeistään 19.3.2017 mennessä osoitteessa

Lisätietoja tehtävästä saat sähköpostitse osoitteesta Puhelintiedusteluihin emme valitettavasti ehdi vastaamaan.

Polku harjoittelijasta työntekijäksi – lue harjoittelukokemuksia Asia Exchangella täältä.

Summer semester in Bali? You can still apply!

Want to spend the summer in Bali?

Last autumn we were very happy to announce a brand new cooperation with Warmadewa University in Bali, our second partner university in Bali and our third one in Indonesia. For years we have partnered with one of the island’s most prestigious universities, Udayana University, whose international BIPAS (Bali International Program on Asian Studies) program has grown highly popular among students from all over the world. So popular in fact that there was a need for another program in Bali that would offer the same degree of internationality and interdisciplinarity, the hallmarks of the BIPAS program.

Additionally, there was a need for a program that would better suit the academic calendars of students all across the world, where semesters might begin at different times and therefore sometimes overlap with a planned study abroad semester.

Learn skills for the future

The new Warmadewa International Program (WIP) at Warmadewa University answers the demand for a program similar to BIPAS. It covers a broad variety of topics, ranging from Indonesian language and culture to tourism and strategic management. It provides you with an in-depth look at the next rising star of the South-East Asian region, knowledge that could prove invaluable should you be aiming for a career in international business or international relations.

No matter what your desired career path, however, immersing yourself in a foreign culture and leaving the familiar behind even just for a few months will expand your worldview and teach you intercultural awareness, an indispensable skill in the globalized and interconnected world of today.

Semester runs from April to July

Unlike the BIPAS program which starts in January, the Warmadewa International Program starts later in spring. If you want to study in Bali but starting your study abroad semester in January does not suit your schedule, the new program is the perfect option for you. Launched for the first time in summer 2017, it runs every year from April to July (summer semester) and September to December (autumn semester).

Limited time to apply

The deadline for the summer semester ended officially on December 31st, but we are happy to announce that we can still accept applications for a limited time on a case-by-case basis. So, if the idea of studying in a highly intriguing international program while living on the famous paradise island of Bali is something that really inspires you, be sure to act quick and send us your application in the next few days!

>> Find out more about the program and apply

Asia Exchange Summer Semester in Bali



TULE MUKAAN TIIMIIMME: Toimistoharjoittelija kansainvälisiin tehtäviin

Toivotko työharjoittelultasi monipuolisuutta ja kansainvälisyyttä? Taidatko sujuvan kirjallisen kommunikoinnin? Kuljetatko mukanasi hyvää fiilistä? Tahdotko päästä työskentelemään palvelun parissa, joka mahdollistaa nuorille unohtumattoman elämänkokemuksen?

Haemme tiimiimme kansainvälisistä tehtävistä kiinnostunutta toimistoharjoittelijaa Tampereelle. Tehtävä sopii esimerkiksi liiketalouden, matkailun, markkinoinnin ja viestinnän tai humanististen tieteiden opiskelijalle. Katsomme eduksi kokemuksen opiskelijavaihdosta ja muista kansainvälisistä tehtävistä.

Tehtäviisi kuuluu:
• Yhteydenpitoa kansainvälisiin verkostoihin
• Viestintä- ja markkinointitehtävät
• Sisällöntuotanto verkkosivuille ja sosiaaliseen mediaan 
• Matkajärjestelyiden tekeminen
• Monipuoliset tiedonhakutehtävät 
• Asiakashallintajärjestelmän ylläpito
• Muut toimistotyöt

Tehtäviä voi soveltaa myös harjoittelijan omien kykyjen ja kiinnostusten mukaisesti. 

Tehtävässä menestyminen edellyttää:
• Vahvaa suullista ja kirjallista englantia
• Toimisto-ohjelmien ja sosiaalisen median kanavien tuntemusta ja hallintaa
• Itsenäistä työskentelyotetta, organisointikykyä, tunnollisuutta, joustavuutta ja innokkuutta

• Monipuolisia tehtäviä kansainvälisyyteen panostavassa yrityksessä
• Paikan ammattitaitoisessa, avoimessa, rennossa ja yrittäjähenkisessä 10 hengen työyhteisössä
• Täyden tuen onnistumisiin sekä mahdollisuuden saada arvokasta kansainvälistä työkokemusta 

Harjoittelun kestosta ja aloitusajankohdasta voidaan sopia tapauskohtaisesti, mutta toivomme harjoittelun alkavan tammikuussa ja kestävän 3-6 kk. 

Harjoittelun taloudellinen korvaus muodostuu pääsääntöisesti opintotuesta sekä korkeakoulun mahdollisesti myöntämästä tuesta. Myös muusta korvauksesta voidaan erikseen sopia.

Hae ainutlaatuiseen tiimiimme lähettämällä hakemus ja CV viimeistään 13. tammikuuta osoitteessa Lisätietoja tehtävästä saat sähköpostitse osoitteesta 

Lisätietoa työharjoittelusta Asia Exchangella ja työllistymisestä harjoittelun kautta voit lukea blogistamme:

Bali Summer School now open for applications!

Asia Exchange is proud to announce a new addition to our study abroad options, Bali Summer School! We have worked together with our long-term partner Udayana University to make this program a possibility and we are ready to start the program in July 2017.

The program lasts four weeks from July 31st to August 27th, and the students can earn up to 20 ECTS during their time in the exotic island of Bali. You will study in an international environment with students from all over the world, in the most prestigious university the island of Bali offers. The students will study the local culture, experience new ways of studying and make new friends from all over the world, all in the same package of one month. Experience Bali and its culture next summer in a brand new program that suits the needs of many different fields of studying.

If you are looking for a life-changing experience, but cannot study an entire semester abroad, Bali Summer School is a great choice for you. You will not miss the start of your autumn semester at home either, so read more about the summer school program in Bali and apply now!

If you feel like studying abroad during the summer, but Bali does not seem to be the correct destination for you, we also offer a summer program in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, Korea. Find out more about our summer program in Korea.

Study in Bali, Indonesia - Bali Sunrise from as seen from the top of Mount Batur

Bali Sunrise from as seen from the top of Mount Batur

Study in Japan! New study abroad destination!

Study in Osaka, Japan - Cherry Blossom

NEW DESTINATION! Study in Japan via Asia Exchange!

It’s officially one of the best days of the year, as we can proudly present our most recent study abroad destination.

Study abroad semester in Japan is a life-long dream for many and the demand for Japanese exchange opportunities is constantly on the rise. Now it’s easier than ever to apply, as Asia Exchange begins a collaboration with Otemon Gakuin University in Osaka prefecture.

The University is located in Ibaraki city, a 15 minutes train ride from both Osaka and Kyoto.

The interdisciplinary study program is taught in English, and it includes courses in Japanese language, culture, economy, literature and philosophy.

We are now accepting applications for the very first round of the program until December 2nd 2016. The first semester runs from April to July, followed by a semester from September to January.

We recommend you to be quick with your papers, as we can fit only a limited number of students for the first program.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime and leave your application now!

Find out more about the program and secure your semester in Japan next year.