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Study Abroad Programs
Universiti Putra Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Study in Malaysia

Asia Exchange brings the exciting capital region of Malaysia to your reach. Study abroad in Malaysia and enjoy quality education in an exotic environment.


Kuala Lumpur City View
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Universiti Putra Malaysia
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Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) is one of the leading research universities in Malaysia and internationally acknowledged among the top 400 universities (QS World Ranking, place 368). UPM is a public university founded in 1931, achieving its modern state as a multidisciplinary institute in 1973. Its 16 faculties and approx. 32 000 students are divided between the Serdang main campus and the Bintulu branch campus. Universiti Putra Malaysia has six remarkable research clusters and is in international collaboration with significant institutions and agents. UPM has welcomed students from nearly 60 countries.

UPM is located approximately 25 km from Kuala Lumpur. The campus has several facilities for students, such as cafeterias as well as security services, in-campus transportation, sports and recreation services, medical clinic, accommodation and banking and postal services.

More information on the university here.


University's contact information:

Universiti Putra Malaysia
International Division
Bangunan C12, Lorong Pongamia 1
43400 UPM Serdang
Selangor Darul Ehsan

University's website.


Universiti Putra Malaysia and Asia Exchange welcome you to study in Malaysia!


Universiti Putra Malaysia logo

University Putra Malaysia gateUniversiti Putri Malaysia

Studies, semesters and application deadlines [back to top]

Main language of teaching is English. Therefore majority of the study programs are in English and convenient to attend for international students. Degree students, both Malay and international, and other exchange students attend the same courses.

You can apply all year around. Please apply before the application deadline to the semester of your choice.

Available semesters:

Semester 1 (autumn), 2014
September 8, 2014 - January 11, 2015
Application deadline: May 15, 2014
Semester 2 (spring), 2015
February - June
Application deadline: October 15, 2014

UPM reserves the rights to change the semester dates. Semester 2, 2014: Feb 3, 2013 - June 30, 2014.

Semesters start with an orientation day that will be confirmed before the semester starts.

We recommend students to arrive in Malaysia before the last week of August (semester 1) or before the last week of January (semester 2). This allows you to take part in the orientation and discuss your course choices and practical matters with the host university. Arriving early will also allow you to look for suitable housing.


Available faculties and courses

Asia Exchange students can choose 2-6 courses per semester (max. total ~30 ECTS). All the courses are included in the official curriculum of the university.

Students should choose courses only from one faculty. Students should have their educational background in the desired field of study so choose courses close to their major.

Courses offered in English to study abroad students on Bachelor's level are listed below. Check that the course is organized in the semester that you wish to study at UPM.

In the beginning of the semester after arriving to the destination you can make some changes to your course plan if needed. UPM reserves rights to changes in the course offering.


Courses available (Bachelor)

For more information, please visit the faculties' own homepages. If you can't find the course info you need, please contact us by email.

Please select your courses carefully. Your application will be evaluated by the faculty of your choice. This process takes about a month.

One completed course is worth 3 credits, which is most often converted to 5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) study credits or 3 US credit points. Read more under study credits.

To whom is the program intended for? [back to top]

Universiti Putra Malaysia and thrilling metropolitan area of KL offer a great environment for a study abroad semester. The goal of the program is to increase the students' knowledge on Malaysia and Asia in an international and inspiring environment. By studying in Malaysia students will learn to understand Asia's importance in today's globalized world. The program is intended for students who wish to experience a unique semester in a famous Asian business hub. Students who participate in the program want to combine academics, free time activities and unforgettable experiences to benefit their future.

Students appreciate the cultural richness of Malaysia. The program deepens students' knowledge on Asia and especially Southeast Asia. Students will also be able to interact with locals and fellow exchange students. Lecturers are experienced and skilled. In addition to studying, students have time for hobbies and traveling. Students who have participated in the program have praised the country’s beautiful scenery, friendly local people and innumerable free time activities.

The courses are interesting and they are held by lecturers who have international experience. The typical participants are students of business, technology, humanities, social sciences, political science and tourism. There are also many participants from other fields of study, who are able to take interesting minor courses in an international environment. Knowledge on Asia is important in many different ways.

The study abroad period will be seen as an asset when entering the job market and competing for jobs later on in life. Ask your home institution about transferring the completed study credits into your degree.

University Putra Malaysia fakulti perubatan


Accommodation [back to top]

On campus students can live in International Residential College. The residence has kitchenettes, TV rooms, study and meeting rooms, activity areas, computing class, a cafe and a laundry. There are both private and shared rooms available. Monthly rent is RM 540-600 (single room) or RM 270-300 (shared room). International students can also stay at International Transit House where the rent is RM 1000/month. If you wish to live on-campus, you need to apply for the room before entering Malaysia.

Off campus you can live e.g. at Tasam Desaminium Apartment that is located 15 minutes from the university campus. The rent is RM 500-650 a month. A bus drives to campus every half an hour. More information on student dormitories here.

Most international students from Western countries live in apartments rented from the private market and located off campus. If you want to live off campus, there are many affordable options near the university.

Read more about accommodation here.




Fees [back to top]

A study abroad program at UPM costs 1190 EUR. Application fee is 50 EUR.

In addition to the study place you will get AE's services, AE Guide, AE Student Card and Orientation Day at the destination. The study materials are either provided free-of-charge or can be acquired very affordably.

In the destination students need to pay e.g. fees for library, health inspection and bus pass (approx. 90 EUR).

Unlike other free movers, non-native English speakers going via AE are not required to take a TOEFL English language proficiency test which costs approximately 185 $. Please also take into account that costs of living are very low in Asia.

Online application [back to top]

UPM will make the decision of the study abroad placement. The decisions are made approximately three months before the semester starts. UPM expects students to have at least average grades. Study abroad placements are limited so they will fill up according to the order the applications have been sent in.

Apply online and send us the required attachments:

1) An official transcript of records in English (stamped by your home institution)

2) A copy of the identification page of your passport (please note that your passport must be valid for at least six months after arriving in Malaysia)

3) UPM Application Form

4) Credit Transfer Form

Add a clear and new passport photo to the UPM Application Form. You will also need 4 passport photos in the destination, e.g. for UPM student card.

Please send all the attachments together with your application. Please scan the required documents clearly and upload them in pdf format. Take care of the documents as they need to be handed in to UPM after arrival in Malaysia.

Sending the application

1) Scan all the required documents to your computer.

2) Fill in the application form electronically and attach all the documents here.

apply here_study_abroad

You will also need to go through a thorough medical check done by a doctor. The medical check should not be done more than one month before the start of the semester. You can find the health check form here. Only UPM health check form can be approved. You can either do the medical check in your home country or at the destination for the price of 200 MYR (approx. 50 EUR). Please send it to us and bring together with the other documents to Malaysia. If the student is not completely healthy, UPM has the right to cancel the study abroad placement.

We will send you the official acceptance letter before the study abroad program and the transcript of records from University of Malaya when you have finished your studies in Asia. Please write down a permanent address where you wish to receive the documents. 

You will be asked to pay a application fee (50 €) after handing in your application. If UPM doesn't approve you in the program, you can apply to our other host universities outside of Malaysia without a second registration fee and get approved within a week. Registration fee is nonrefundable. We will send the invoice of the program fee (950 €) around 1,5 months before the start of the semester. It's advised to apply as soon as possible. Please read through our terms and conditions.

Extra information [back to top]

On our website you can find beneficial extra information for arrangements before, during and after your study abroad program. 

- When considering studying abroad you should take a look at the destination guides on KL, testimonials from students and general tips for organizing accommodation

- While organizing your study abroad semester, read through information on traveling, scholarships, credits, visa and hints and tips from former Asia Exchange students. Also discuss with your home institution about the studies and possible scholarships. 

When the application has ended we will send the new exchange students an Asia Exchange Guide that includes information on studying, accommodation, traveling, health care, leisure time, dealing with money etc. 

You can contact us by email or by telephone. You can find our contact details here.


Watch UPM's presentation video here.