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Study in China

Guangzhou University - Guangzhou, China

Study in China! Chinese Language, Culture and Economics in a thrilling metropolis. Guangzhou is the biggest city in Southern China and one of the fastest growing urban areas in the world. It's approximately three times the size of New York.

Get to know the city of Guangzhou with the help of this video. Asia Exchange welcomes you to study at this unique Chinese city. Apply now - you will get a confirmation within a week! 

Guangzhou University will grant a scholarship of 3000 RMB (375 EUR) for each student at the end of the study abroad semester.


 Study in China


Guangzhou University

Guangzhou University (GU) is approved by China’s Ministry of Education. It was founded in 2000 when Guangzhou Normal University, the South China Institute of Construction, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou Junior Teachers' College and the Guangzhou Institute of Education were combined into one  university of 20,000 students. Most of the students come from the city and province of Canton, but there are also students from other provinces, Hong Kong, Macau and abroad.

Located in the vicinity of the Guangzhou SculpturePark and LuhuPark, GU enjoys all transport convenience and a picturesque environment. Its well-stocked library has a total collection of 1,960,000 books.

GU has educated a large number of qualified talents for China’s social, economic and technological development. Mega Center was built with 2,1 billion dollars and consists of 10 universities.

GU makes Guangzhou the base of its operations and at the same time services the whole of Guangdong Province as well as all of China and the outside world. While the undergraduate programs remain a dominant focus of its operation, GU is actively committed to consolidating and expanding its postgraduate programs and invests in developing its vocational and technical higher education.

GU has modern facilities and the city of Guangzhou offers a chance for getting to know one of China’s fastest growing metropolises.


University's contact information:

Guangzhou University
International Office
Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center
230 Wai Huan Xi Road
Guangzhou 510006

Contact person at Guangzhou University: Mrs. Jane (Cai Yifan)

More information on Guangzhou University

University's website

Guangzhou University_view2b

Studies and semesters

International study abroad programs at Guangzhou University last 3-4 months and are taught in English. They are arranged from September to December each year. Guangzhou University is responsible for teaching and transcripts of records.

The aim of the study program is to acquaint students with Chinese language (Mandarin), culture, legislation and international trade from a Chinese perspective and to deepen students’ knowledge of China and Asia. Students have time for free time activities and traveling in addition to their studies.

Students will be able to interact with both locals and other international students. Students appreciate the modern atmosphere of Guangzhou University and Guangzhou as well as the affordable price level and numerous free time activities.

 Available semesters:

Autumn 2014 semester schedule:

Semester dates: Sep 1 - Dec 12, 2014

Application deadline: May 31, 2014

Autumn 2015 semester schedule:

Semester dates: Sep - Dec, 2015

Application deadline: May 31, 2015

Guangzhou University reserves the rights to change the semester dates. It might be possible to apply also after the deadline.  Autumn 2013: Sep 2 - Dec 13, 2013.


  • Chinese Language* (Mandarin), 9 credits
    • Intensive Reading
    • Listening
    • Speaking
  • Chinese Culture, 4 credits
    • Outline of Chinese Culture
    • Taijiquan
  • Chinese Economics, 5 credits
    • Economic Law and Regulations of China
    • Import and Export Trade of China

*It may be possible to arrange advanced Chinese courses in the destination.

Download course descriptions here.

One Guangzhou University credit most often converts to 1½ ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) or to 1 US study credits. Remember to ask your home institution about transferring credits. Read more about study credits and transferring credits under study credits.


Student testimonial


"All the teachers have turned out to be very professional. I'm so glad that our studies consist of many different courses and give us a proper view of the Chinese language, culture, economics and law.”

“One of the things I never could imagine is the benefit of this experience in work life. I started to look for summer jobs and internships when I knew that I am coming to study here. I sent three applications to different places and I got all the jobs. Can you believe it, all three!”



jenna student


To whom is the program intended for?

The program is intended especially for students who want to learn Chinese and who are interested in Chinese culture and an Asian country with financial power, which is expected to become the leading global economic power during the next decades. Students participating in the program want to combine studies and unforgettable experiences which will benefit their future. Employers often value studies completed in Asia. The program is perfect for anyone interested in China and international affairs. Most of the participants are students of business, technology, political science and tourism.

Students value the study experience and the courses have been selected so that students would be able to transfer as many credits as possible into their degree. Ask your possible home institution about transferring credits. Students also appreciate the atmosphere in Guangzhou and at Guangzhou University campus, the affordable prices and the opportunities for traveling and ample free time activities.

The minimum requirements are 18 years of age, completed upper secondary school (e.g. high school) and sufficient language proficiency to understand lectures given in English.

If you are interested in intensive Chinese language teaching in a private and respected Jiahua Language School in Shenzen on the border of Hong Kong, please read the program description. The language immersion includes 60 teaching hours per month and you will have the basic knowledge of Chinese already after one month. The price is 1600 EUR per month. This is an excellent alternative for the first phase of your career when relocating to China, or for instance when you’re stopping by in Shenzen on your trip for a month to study the language. If you’re interested in this program, please contact us via e-mail.







Guangzhou University offers students a possibility of living on-campus at a student hotel. The room costs about 100 EUR a month. 

Read more about accommodation here.





A semester at Guangzhou University costs 1390 EUR. Application fee is 50 EUR.

Non-European students: check the fees here.

Besides the study place you will get AE's services, AE Guide, AE Student Card and Orientation Ceremony. The study materials can be acquired either free-of-charge or very affordably.

Most often the tuition fees at Asian universities are more expensive for free movers finding a study place on their own. Unlike other free movers, non-native English speakers going via Asia Exchange are not required to take a TOEFL English language proficiency test which costs approximately 185 USD. Please also take into account that costs of living are very low in Asia.


Application procedure

It's very easy to apply and you will get a confirmation from Asia Exchange within a week of sending in your application and its attachments. After that you can start preparing for the upcoming study abroad semester. 

Required attachments:

  • An official transcript of records in English (stamped by your home institution) or if you are not currently enrolled at an institution of higher education a copy of your high school diploma (or similar document)
  • A copy of the identification page of your passport (please note that your passport must be valid for at least six months after your trip ends)

Please try to send all the attachments together with your application. All attachment must however be sent to us by the application deadline. Please upload the required documents in pdf.-format.

Sending the application

  • Scan the required documents (1-2) to your computer.
  • Fill in the application form electronically and attach all the documents here.
 apply here_study_abroad     


We will send you the official acceptance letter and JW-202 form before the semester starts. Please write down a permanent address where you will definately get the documents. 

After receiving the initial acceptance letter by email you should present a study plan to your home institution. Together with the letter of acceptance we will send you the invoice for the application fee (50 EUR). We will send the final bill for tuition fee 1,5 months before the start of your study abroad program.

You can apply and get a confirmation even though you wouldn't be completely sure of your participation. You can cancel your participation in the study abroad program a month before the start of the semester abroad. Please read through our terms and conditions.  

Extra information

On our website you can find beneficial extra information for arrangements before, during and after your study abroad program. 

- When considering studying abroad you should take a look at the destination guide on Guangzhou, testimonials from students and general tips for organizing accommodation

- While organizing your study abroad semester, read through information on traveling, scholarships, credits, visa and hints and tips from former Asia Exchange students. Also discuss with your home institution about the studies and possible scholarships. 

When the application has ended we will send the new exchange students an orientation guide that includes information on studying, accommodation, traveling, healthcare, leisure time, dealing with money and local phone subscription. 

You can contact us by email or by telephone.


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