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Study in Bali

Udayana University - Bali, Indonesia

Study abroad in Bali and spend an unforgettable semester in one of the most beatiful spots in the world. The International Program on Asian Studies (BIPAS) at the Udayana University is the only genuinely international study program in Bali. It's easy to apply and your study placement will be confirmed within a week.


Study in Bali

Bali, Indonesia - The island of Gods


Udayana University [back to top]

Udayana University is among Indonesia’s leading universities and the largest and most renowned university in Bali. It was founded in 1962 by the Ministry of Education and has a total of 11 faculties. The university has approximately 22,000 students attending 12 undergraduate and 12 postgraduate degree programs. The campuses are located in Jimbaran and the capital city Denpasar. Most of the international students come from China, Japan, German-speaking countries, Nordic countries and the United States.

Udayana University has a comprehensive international network and its different faculties have overseas partner universities in all continents.

University's contact information

Udayana University
Kampus Bukit Jimbaran
Jl. Kampus Udayana
Bali - Indonesia

Contact person at Udayana University: I Made Rajeg

More information on Udayana University

Udayana University's website. Learn more about the university staff and your program coordinators here.

Udayana University and Asia Exchange welcome you to study in Bali!

Bali Udayana_University_Gate
Udayana University - Bali, Indonesia 

Studies, semesters and application deadlines [back to top]

International students studying in Bali take part in the BIPAS (Bali International Program on Asian Studies) program which is held in English. The program includes courses in business, economics, law, tourism, culture and languages. Everyone is welcome to apply for the program. Courses include workshops and excursions. Udayana University is responsible for the teaching and the transcript of records. BIPAS is worth 25-35 ECTS. BIPAS courses are undergraduate/Bachelor courses but Master's students can also take part in the program.

Semesters last 4 months. The autumn semester runs from September to December and the spring semester from January to May. The semester starts with a traditional Balinese welcome ceremony and an orientation day where Asia Exchange is also present. The orientation week ends in an Ice Breaking Party. Take a look at this video to find out more about the event.

The public holidays are determined and confirmed by the government, and the exact dates vary every year. Usually, if Thursday, for example, is a public holiday, Friday is also free. There are several free Balinese calendar apps.

You can apply all year around. Please apply before the application deadline to the semester of your choice.

Available semesters:


Autumn semester 2014

Semester dates: September 1 - December 18, 2014
Application deadline: June 20, 2014

Spring semester 2015

Semester dates: January 27 - May 28, 2015
Application deadline: October 31, 2014

Udayana University reserves the rights to change the semester dates. It might be possible to apply also after the deadline. 

Spring 2014: Jan 6 - May 9

Orientation days and exam period are included in the semester dates. 


  • Economy and Business of South East Asia (BIP1013) [Syllabus]
  • The Indonesian History, Ethnology, Culture and Customs (BIP1012) [Syllabus]
  • International Tourism Management (BIP1011) [Syllabus]
  • Business Law and Legal Tradition on Trade and Investment (BIP1014) [Syllabus]
  • Indonesian Language (BIP1015) [Syllabus]
  • Indonesian Literature (BIP1016) [Syllabus]
  • International Entrepreneurship (BIP1017) [Syllabus]
  • International Business (BIP1018) [Syllabus]
  • Global Marketing (BIP1019) [Syllabus]

The study program consists of the 9 courses mentioned above, of which you are expected to choose 5-7 courses. The Indonesian Language course is obligatory for all students. You can use the syllabuses when making a study plan to present to your home institution. The university is broadening the BIPAS course portfolio within the becoming semesters.

From autumn semester 2014 onwards the study credits are granted directly as ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). Each course is worth 5 ECTS credits and thus it's possible to gain up to 35 ECTS per semester. Find out more under study credits.

The program introduces students to topics in economics, business, trade, culture, language, and tourism, with Asia as the focal point. The students will also be able to interact with local and fellow international students. Many of the lecturers have an international background and years of experience in teaching in an international setting. 

In addition to the above-mentioned courses, Udayana University offers a selection of other courses to international students. The teaching language for these courses is typically Bahasa Indonesia and the courses are held by different faculties for a separate fee. You can ask about taking additional courses after arriving in Indonesia; it is easier to make arrangements on possible additional courses on location at Udayana University.

Workshops topics include traditional Balinese costume, Balinese dance, traditional healing and Balinese music. Excursions have been organized to temples, companies, factories, hotels and tourism organizations. The program in general has a strong cultural focus.

Students can volunteer at the Seeds of Hope children's home which Asia Exchange supports through its charity activities. AE makes a donation every semester based on the number of students taking part in the BIPAS program. Read more about our charity work here.

Student testimonials

”We’ve been here in Bali for 4 days now and I can already say that I love this place from the bottom of my heart. We’re staying at a luxurious villa and the monthly rent is not bad at all when shared with four people. Cleaning services, water, electricity and wireless Internet are all included in the rent."

”I’ve been surprised by the quality of the teaching, even though different lecturers have very different teaching methods. I believe the courses will be beneficial for me in the future. The workshops and excursions have also been very interesting.”


Already hundreds of students have studied abroad in Bali via Asia Exchange. Learn more about their experiences here and on Youtube.


Exchange student_Asia_Katriina_Kerttula


To whom is the program intended for? [back to top]

The goal of the BIPAS program is to increase the students' knowledge of Indonesia and Asia in an international and stimulating environment. The program is intended for students wishing to experience a unique study abroad semester on a world famous paradise island. The students who participate in the program are able to combine academics with a multitude of exotic free time activities and unforgettable experiences that benefit their future. 

Bali is also an acclaimed surfer’s paradise but the island, despite being small, caters to all ages and interests from golfing to local culture and arts, in addition to the devoted sun bathers who can enjoy the white sandy beaches all around the island. Read our surfing tips for Bali here

BIPAS courses are academically demanding, in accordance with the lecturers' international background. The typical participants are students of business, technology, art, social sciences, political science and tourism. There are also many participants from other fields of study who can engage in interesting minor subjects that complement their overall degree.

The study abroad period will be seen as an asset when entering the job market and competing for jobs later on in life. Ask your home institution about the transferring of credits and how they add up to your degree.

Bali student_beauties

Bali study_abroad_students

Surfing girl
Asia Exchange students in Bali

Hear why Tiago chose Bali and Udayana University:


Accommodation [back to top]

Most international students live in a villa with 4-10 housemates. The villas are stunning architectural creations, often with their own pools. The montly rent per student is approximately 300 EUR. Typically cleaning service is included in the rent. 

It's also possible to stay in a home stay accommodation with a Balinese family. This is highly recommend if you wish to get to know the local language and culture better. You can also find a basic rooms for less than 100 EUR a month.

Asia Exchange has years of experience of helping students finding suitable accommodation in Bali. We have good contacts to real estate agents who will help you when you arrive to the destination.

Read more about accommodation here.

bali accommodation_student_villa_yard

Bali Accommodation_villa
Examples of student accommodations in Bali


Fees [back to top]

A BIPAS semester at Udayana University costs 1590 EUR. The application fee is 50 EUR.

Non-European students: check the fees here.

In addition to the study place, you will get AE's services, an AE Guide, an AE Student Card, Orientation Days and an Ice-Breaking event at the first weekend of the semester. The study materials are either provided free-of-charge or can be purchased very affordably.

Online application [back to top]

It's easy to apply and you will get a confirmation from Asia Exchange within a week from sending in your application. After that you can start preparing for the upcoming study abroad semester. Applications for summer semester will be evaluated at a later date.

Required attachments:

  • An official transcript of records in English (stamped by your home institution) or, if you are not currently enrolled at an institution of higher education, a copy of your high school diploma (or similar document) in English
  • A copy of the identification page of your passport (please note that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after arriving in Indonesia)
  • A color picture of 4x3 cm. Picture should be taken without glasses and both ears must be visible.

  • Signature page

Please try to send all the attachments together with your application. All attachment must be sent to us by the application deadline. Please upload the attachments in pdf format.

The student is obliged to present a proof of their travel insurance upon request.

Sending the application

  • First upload the signature page (document 4) to your computer.
  • After that scan all the required documents (1-4) to your computer.
  • Finally fill in the application form electronically and attach all the documents here.
apply here_study_abroad


We will send you the official acceptance letter before the study abrod program begins, and the transcript of records when you have finished your studies in Asia. Please write down a permanent address so you will receive all the documents.

You should present a study plan to your home institution, at the latest after receiving your initial acceptance letter by email. With the letter of acceptance, we will send you the invoice for the application fee (50 EUR). We will send the final bill for the tuition fee 1,5 months before the start of your study abroad program by email. We can't ensure that applications sent close to deadline will be accepted. It's advised to apply as soon as possible to make sure your study place is guaranteed. 

You can apply and get a confirmation even if you weren't completely sure of your participation. You can cancel your participation in the study abroad program a month before the start of the semester abroad. Please read through our terms and conditions.  

Extra information [back to top]

On our website, you can find beneficial extra information for arrangements before, during and after your study abroad program. 

- When considering studying abroad, you should take a look at the destination guide on Bali, testimonials from our previous students and general tips for organising accommodation

- While organizing your study abroad semester, read through information on traveling, funding, credits, visa and hints and tips from former Asia Exchange students, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions. Also, discuss the studies and possible scholarships with your home institution. 

When the application period has ended, we will send the new students an Asia Exchange Guide that includes information on studying, accommodation, traveling, healthcare, leisure time, dealing with money and getting a local phone subscription. 

You can contact us by email or by telephone.