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Study abroad in Bangkok

Siam University - Bangkok, Thailand

Study abroad in one of Asia's most exciting cities, in Bangkok, Thailand. You can join the program for one or two semesters, take part in the summer program or do an entire undergraduate degree at Siam University. Apply now - you will get a confirmation within a week! 


bangkok watarun_chaopraya


Siam University [back to top]

Siam University is Thailand’s fifth largest private university and it has several exchange agreements both with students and researchers around the world. It is a popular exchange location among international students: there are 400 international students who take part in SU's international programs every year. 


The university was founded in 1965 and has a student body of about 15,000 students across 10 different faculties. The university has modern facilities and the campus is centrally located. Exercise facilities, stores, restaurants, banks and a post office are all located on campus or in the vicinity. The campus milieu is dominated by a 100-meter tall university building which is one of the 20 main buildings on campus. 


University's contact information:

Siam University
235 Petchkasem Road
Bangkok 10163

Contact person at Siam University: Mr. Rengson Mualchontham

More information on Siam University

Siam University's website

Bangkok Study Abroad SiamUniversity main gate
Siam University - Bangkok, Thailand 

Studies, semesters and application deadlines [back to top]

Students who study at Siam University via AE, participate in SU’s International Business Program (IBP). IBP is an undergraduate degree program taught in English and the participants are both Thai and international students. The program is business focused, i.e. most of the courses are in Economics, Finance, Marketing, Management and Trade, but there are several courses from Social Sciences as well. Following, students participating in IBP do not need to have a background in business studies. Exchange students at SU have plenty of options when making their course selections since they can pick their IBP courses freely; from the level and subject area that is most suitable and interesting for them.


If you are interested in taking Master's level courses during your exchange, you should apply to Siam University's MBA program. You can either go on an exchange semester on Master's level or complete the entire MBA degree there. Find out more and apply from here


Siam University arranges approximately 20 courses in English each semester as part of the program. The tuition fee covers six courses. Students are given the option of choosing extra courses for an additional fee (~120 EUR) after arriving at the university.


The academic year at Siam University starts in September. One semester lasts approximately 4 months. You can also choose to do an academic year (two semesters) or the entire Bachelor's degree (approximately 4 years) at SU. You can start your studies either in Semester 1 or 2.


Available semesters

Summer 2014

Semester dates: June - August 2014

Application deadline: March 1, 2014

Semester 1

Semester dates: Sep 1 - Dec 20, 2014

Orientation: Aug 18, 2014

Application deadline: May 31, 2014

Semester 2

Semester dates: Jan 26 - May 23, 2015

Orientation: Jan 12, 2015

Application deadline: Oct 31, 2014

Summer 2015  

Semester dates: June 1 - August 14, 2015

Application deadline: March 1, 2015

Exact dates to be confirmed. Siam University reserves the rights to change the semester dates. It might be possible to apply also after the deadline.

Semester I, 2013: June 15 - Oct 18 2013 / Semester II, 2013: Nov 1, 2013 - March 7, 2014

We recommend arriving in Bangkok approximately one week before the beginning of the study program, so that you will have time to visit the SU International Office and sign up for the courses you plan to take. The study programs begin with an orientation day, which is typically organized on the Friday before the first week of the semester.

Course documents for Semester 1 & 2:

You can find information about the available courses and class schedules from the course catalogue. You can use the course catalogue, semester dates and class schedules when making a study plan to present to your home institution.

In the Course Schedule document, terms “first”, “second” etc. refer to first year studies, second year studies etc., meaning the year in which degree students are expected to take the courses. However, as an Asia Exchange student you can choose whichever courses suite your needs, regardless of the year. Most of our students choose courses mainly from years 3-4. We recommend you to choose the courses that fit your study background the best.

The syllabi presented on our web page are exemplary and available for most courses. The remaining syllabi are handed out at the latest in the beginning of lectures.

Examples of popular courses:

(Please note that the course syllabi are from previous semesters and slight changes are possible)

One completed course is worth 3 credits, which usually translates into 5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits or 3 US credit points. Read more under study credits.

Summer Program

You can now also join a shorter summer session at Siam University. The summer session is 2,5 months in length and there are normally 5 courses available during the term. The following courses are available during the Summer 2014 Semester:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Purchasing
  • Business Policy [syllabus]
  • Organization & Management
  • Quantative Analysis in Business [syllabus]



Student testimonial


I can’t think of a single reason why not to study abroad in Thailand. My choice of destination was excellent and I would go there again. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to experience living in Asia – don’t miss your chance!

Henna, AE student at Siam University

I had no problem whatsoever to find friends and people to hang out with in Bangkok even though I came there without knowing anyone. I felt completely at home already after a week.

At the beginning I mostly hung out with the other exchange students. We explored the city together and got to know each when spending time at nice bars or just over lunch at university. After some time I also got to know the local students and started to hang out around the university more than around the touristy areas.

With my Thai friends I liked going to three big shopping malls near the university that you can easily reach by bus in less than 20 minutes. I also loved to go to the markets nearby which were crowded with local students from all the universities around the area, looking for cheap and nice clothes, food and drinks."

Aaron, AE student at Siam University


study abroad_student_Bangkok_Henna


To whom is the program intended for? [back to top]

The IBP program is intended for students who want to get to know Thailand and Asia in a vibrant metropolis and who are eager to gain new life experiences and viewpoints on both academic and non-academic topics. The program is an asset when competing for jobs. Siam University maintains very close relationships to Bangkok’s and Thailand’s business world, to bridge the gap between the actual employment markets and its students.

Students who take part in the program not only appreciate Bangkok’s immense variety of culture, entertainment, shopping and dining choices but also the city’s cosmopolitan atmosphere and convenient traveling options. 

The minimum requirements are 18 years of age, completed upper secondary school (e.g. high school) and sufficient language proficiency to understand lectures given in English.





Accommodation [back to top]

There are good accommodation options located near the campus. The prices range from 80 – 350 EUR per person per month, depending on the size and amenities of the apartment. AE also sends out a guide to the students taking part in the semester which has more detailed information about different recommended realtors in Bangkok.

Read more about accommodation here.

Amarin Mansion - Bangkok 5
Amarin Mansion 



Fees [back to top]

A semester at Siam University costs 1390 EUR. The application fee is 50 EUR.

Non-European students: check the fees here.

In addition to the study place, you will get AE's services, an AE Guide, an AE Student Card and an Orientation Day. The study materials are either provided free-of-charge or can be purchased at a low price.

The tuition fee covers five courses. Students are given the option of choosing extra courses for an additional fee (~120 EUR) after arriving at the university.

Most often the tuition fees at Asian universities are more expensive for free movers finding a study place on their own. Students going via AE are not required to take a TOEFL English language proficiency test which costs approximately 185 $. Please also take into account that the cost of living in Asia is very low.

If students take part in several semesters, or want to study a full degree, they will be given a discount of 100 EUR on the first year's tuition fees. The tuition fees for both semesters are paid before the study abroad year begins. Asia Exchange reserves all rights for changes in tuition fees in the future.


Online application [back to top]

Applying is easy and you will get a confirmation from Asia Exchange within a week of sending in your application and its attachments. After that you can start preparing for the upcoming study abroad semester. 

Required attachments:

  • An official transcript of records in English (stamped by your home institution) or, if you are not currently enrolled at an institution of higher education, a copy of your high school diploma and school leaving certificate (or similar documents) in English
  • A copy of the identification page of your passport (please note that your passport must be valid for at least six months after arriving in Thailand)

Please try to send all the attachments together with your application. All attachment must be sent to us by the application deadline. Please upload the required documents in pdf format.

Sending the application

1) Scan the required documents (1-2) to your computer.

2) Fill in the application form electronically and attach the documents here.

  apply here_study_abroad 


We will send you the official acceptance letter before the study abrod program begins, and the transcript of records from the host university when you have finished your studies in Asia. Please write down a permanent address sp you will definately receive all the documents. 

You should present a study plan to your home institution, at the latest after receiving the initial acceptance letter by email. Together with the letter of acceptance, we will also send you the invoice for the application fee (50 EUR). We will send the final bill for the tuition fee 1,5 months before the start of your study abroad program.

You can apply and get a confirmation even if you weren't completely sure of your participation. You can cancel your participation in the study abroad program a month before the start of the semester abroad. Please read through our terms and conditions.  

Extra information [back to top]

On our website, you can find beneficial extra information for arrangements before, during and after your study abroad program. 

- When considering studying abroad, you should take a look at the destination guide on Bangkok, testimonials from students and general tips for organising accommodation

- While organizing your study abroad semester, read through information on traveling, scholarships, credits, visa and hints and tips from former Asia Exchange students, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions. Also, discuss the studies and possible scholarships with your home institution. 

When the application period has ended, we will send the new exchange students an Asia Exchange Guide that includes information on studying, accommodation, traveling, healthcare, leisure time, and dealing with money and local phone subscription. 

You can contact us by email or by telephone.


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