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Study Abroad Programs

Why not combine living in exotic Asia with your university studies? Studying abroad enriches your world.


Asia Exchange (AE) makes it possible to study one or more semesters in exotic Asia. Our task is to complement the existing study abroad agreements and at the same time increase the internationalization of students in a simple and affordable way.

Not only fun in the sun…
But also quality studies and 20-35 ECTS credits for a semester abroad! Asia Exchange’s study abroad programs are 3-4 months in length and run through the whole year.

More and more students decide to do part of their studies in Asia. Without exceptions students tell that the study abroad period has been the best experience of their whole life. Asia offers an enticing environment to experience different cultures and familiarize with the fastest growing economies of the world. Tropical climate, metropolises, affordable prices, traveling, friendly people and quality education make a semester in Asia a unique experience that will benefit when looking for a job.

Study or Intern in Asia with Asia Exchange

Our study abroad programs are organized twice a year in these destinations:

Universities are ranked high in the host countries and lecturers normally have double degrees – one from their own country and one completed abroad. The lecturers typically have very good English skills. The semesters last 4 months but it’s also possible to stay in Asia for two semesters or even complete a full degree at Siam University in Bangkok. It’s also possible to combine several study abroad programs from different destinations. Find out more about a longer study abroad semester from here.

Exciting destinations are not the only reason to study abroad in Asia. Students benefit from discounted tuition fees, standardized application procedure, guaranteed and fast acceptance and AE’s counseling services.


Most common reasons for choosing Asia Exchange

  • Interesting study abroad destinations in Asia
  • Secured placement in the program and easy application procedure
  • Possibility to study abroad together with friends
  • Suitable length of the semester
  • Affordability compared to other options
  • AE’s help while organizing practical matters

You can find more general information about AE’s study programs below. Detailed information about each study program as well as the application forms can be found on the program-specific pages.

Who are the Study Abroad Programs intended for?
The study programs are intended for you, if you want to participate in a one-of-a-kind study abroad program in Asia conveniently and affordably, and have an opportunity to make life-long memories.

Are you studying at an institute of higher education and planning on studying abroad?
With the help of AE you can go study abroad at locations which would otherwise be out of your reach. And you don’t even have to go alone, because you can go with a friend or as part of a larger group.

Are you about to graduate?
Even if you’ve already been on exchange you can end your studies with an unforgettable study abroad experience in Asia with AE.

Are you currently planning your future studies?
With the help of AE, you can go on exchange to some of our destinations without being enrolled at an university as long as you’re at least 18 years old. You can transfer the credits completed abroad into your future degree once you begin your studies.

Are you studying at Open University or some other similar institution?
You can go on exchange through AE, even if you’re not a “traditional” student at an institution of higher education.

Have you already graduated and are currently employed?
AE offers you a chance to study again and experience a study abroad period. You can take useful courses in Asia, which will help you both personally and professionally. Many companies encourage their workers to take part in post-graduate education.

Do you have a family?
Having a family is not an obstacle for going on exchange. Many adult students and students with families have gone on exchange via AE. Our locations in Asia offer excellent surroundings for families with children.

Students who take part study abroad programs represented by AE are so-called free movers, who can ask about transferring credits and receiving scholarships for studying abroad from their own home institutions. AE is perfect for students who aren’t able to find a suitable exchange location from their own home institutions or who are left outside the student quotas.

The study abroad programs are suitable for all people who are interested in Asia and wish to broaden their horizons and get to know Asian cultures. Students combine academics with the life outside the lecture halls and value the experience as a whole.

Information about the Study Programs

Most of the participants are students of business, technology, social sciences, law and tourism who study at institutions of higher education. There are also many participants from other fields of study who have an opportunity of taking interesting electives or a minor. Students from Open University, graduates can all take part in the programs. Students going alone, couples and larger groups of friends all participate in the programs.

Students from over 150 universities have gone on exchange via AE. Each year, over 500 students take part in our study abroad programs.

Read students’ experiences under Testimonials.

Minimum requirements for participating

  • A minimum age of 18 years
  • A high school diploma or similar certificate (Kasetsart University and University of Malaya require students to be enrolled at an institution of higher education during the program)
  • Sufficient language proficiency to understand lectures given in English (taking a TOEFL language proficiency test is not necessary unless separately requested)

Application procedure
It’s easy to apply online by sending AE the application forms. You will receive an initial letter of acceptance by email within a week of sending in the application (except Malaysian universities). You can think over your participation until the program fee is due. Learn more about the application procedure here

Courses in the Study Abroad Programs
The number of courses and course contents vary depending on the location. Detailed information can be found on the program-specific pages. Most often students can choose 4 – 6 courses per semester and students have usually received 20 – 35 ECTS study credits for the courses from their home institutions. The courses most often include studies from the fields of business, administrative science and also political science, culture and languages. After arriving at the location, some students have made arrangements with the host university about taking additional courses.

Transferring Credits
Our goal is that students would be able to transfer as many credits as possible from the courses completed abroad into their degrees at home universities. Home universities also expect students to complete courses that can be added either to their major studies or at least to elective studies or minors. Home universities are responsible for making decisions about transferring credits from courses completed abroad in accordance with study plans that their students have made.

AE recommends that students plan their studies carefully.  Students should include the course descriptions available on the AE website to their study plans to help home universities decide about transferring credits and granting scholarships. As a rule, students who have taken part in study abroad programs represented by AE have been satisfied with the amount of credits they have received for their studies abroad.

Practices in transferring credits vary from country to country. In some countries universities may be more flexible about transferring credits than in others. Students are advised to ask their possible home universities about the requirements and practices regarding credit transfer.

AE encourages interdisciplinary studies, i.e. studying subjects which aren’t included in the students' majors and this is why students from many different fields of study take part. Some include the studies completed abroad in their majors, while others add them to their degrees as electives or minors. E.g. business or cultural studies can be useful in professional and personal life, regardless of one’s major.

When choosing a study abroad location students should take into consideration the experience as a whole and the benefits of studying in a different environment. Think about which study abroad destination interests you the most and then talk with your coordinator about transferring credits.

Prices and funding 
The program fees are only 1350 EUR in average including tuition fees, application costs, course material (at most locations) and AE’s services. Most often the prices are cheaper than for students finding a study abroad place on their own. Tuition fees vary from country to country and they can be much higher on other continents than in Europe. In Asia, the costs of living are low and you can have luxurious lifestyle even with a student budget, if you wish.

Your home university may grant you a study abroad scholarship. You can also apply for grants from different foundations and organizations. In many countries goverments can provide funding for studying abroad.

Beneficial Fun
Make the most of your studies abroad, but don’t forget to enjoy your free time as well. The most important thing is the overall experience, which will be a source of joy and benefit even long after you’ve graduated. Many students who have studied abroad in Asia have said that the experience has been seen as a great asset on the job market.

Read more about the study programs, locations, application procedures and students' testimonials on our website.

"I can’t think of a single reason why not to go on exchange. Studying abroad is a great chance to live in Asia – don’t miss your opportunity!”
- Henna, on exchange in Bangkok

Students from over 150 universities have participated in our programs. Here are some of the home universities:

Austria The Czech Republic Canada Denmark Germany Hungary The Netherlands
Sweden  UK USA

We've also had students from e.g. Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic), Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), Estonian Business School (Estonia) and Hokkaido University (Japan).

Company visits

One of the goals of Asia Exchange is to support student’s personal development and increase the chance of finding a good job in the future. We want to enhance students’ knowledge on international companies and their operations in Asia. We wish to help students to find different career opportunities during their study abroad semester.


AE and its partner universities aim to organize visits to local and multinational companies in the study abroad destination. These visits help to understand different companies’ structures, activities, challenges and possibilities in the Asian and global market. These visits also operate as networking platforms for students and company representatives. They may open new doors for both parties when the students proceed to working life or are looking for internships.


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