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Accommodation villa Phuket Thailand
Student villa in Phuket from CyanSiam Real Estate

General information

There are plenty of housing options available for students at each AE study abroad destination. Regardless of the accommodation you'll end up with, you’ll be living in an authentic environment where you can hear the local language and experience the local lifestyle up close and personal. Living among the locals will make it easier to use the language actively and helps deepen your knowledge of the culture.

Some of AE’s partner universities offer on-campus housing. However, most students prefer to live either near campus or close to convenient transportation connections to the campus. The accommodation options in the private market are usually across the board much more luxurious than student housing on campus. Yet, the prices in the private market are still very affordable because of the generally lower prices in Asia.

In Asian cultures it's common to do business face-to-face. Arranging accommodation in advance by email or phone may be difficult. This is nothing to worry about, though, because it’s easy to take care of housing arrangements once you are on location at the destination. This is also when the details of the rental agreement and the final price are agreed upon.

AE offers information on options recommended by our previous students. There are plenty of accommodation options so there's a lot of variation in prices, size and quality. Some options are located near campus, while others are located in areas popular among tourists. 

Some students choose affordable accommodation without any extra conveniences, while others want to live large during their exchange and dip into their own swimming pool after classes. It is worthwhile looking into all different options and it’s up to you to choose the accommodation that best suits your needs. 

If you want to ask around for a roommate in advance, you can do so on AE’s Facebook.

After the application round has closed, AE will send students the Asia Exchange Guide that includes, among other things, detailed information on accommodation.


Accommodation for the first days

It’s often easier to find accommodation after arriving at the study abroad destination and by staying the first few nights at a hotel or a hostel and shopping around for suitable accommodation options. You’ll also have time to find a roommate among the other students. We recommend to book the accommodation for your first days via Agoda


Udayana University - Bali, Indonesia

The students are free to choose their preferred choice of accommodation. There are plenty of accommodation options for short-term and long-term accommodation located both near the campus and at popular tourist areas. The prices vary depending on the location and the amenities. Most of the students prefer renting  a private villa with a pool as a group.

It’s recommended to stay at a hotel for a few days after arriving in Indonesia and compare different housing options. You can find information on accommodation from local realtors, classified ads, restaurant bulletin boards, websites and other exchange students. AE will send students an orientation guide with more detailed information about available accommodation options and local contacts before the start of the study program. You can also read more about housing in Bali here and about homestay here. There are also pictures of some of the popular options on our website.

You can also browse around at Bali 360.net for inspiration. 


Siam University - Bangkok, Thailand

Students who have taken part in study abroad programs at Siam University have recommended Sivalai Place, located near the SU campus. Sivalai Place is the complete package with a swimming pool, tennis courts and a gym. Sivalai Place also accommodates international students from other universities in Bangkok. The staff is very helpful and the location has been popular. Sivalai Place offers “back to school” discount prices for students which are 20 % cheaper than the normal prices. You can make a reservation at Sivalai Place in advance by e-mail. There are pictures of Sivalai Place, and other accommodation options, on our website.

Other popular accommodation options among international students have been e.g. Amarin Mansion and Siam Complex.


Kasetsart University - Bangkok, Thailand

Housing near the university:

  • Vibhavadi Tower: One of the most luxurious accommodation options in the area. One or two room apartments, swimming pool, gym, cleaning service and 24h security surveillance. 
  • Sawasdee Place: Rooms available in different sizes and prices. Electricity is not included in the rent. Sawasdee Place hasn't been as popular among the exchange students as it used to be during the last few semesters.  
  • Porn-Uthai Suite: One to three room apartments. Prices range from 12,000 to 45,000 THB per month. The aparments are well-equipped. There is a swimming pool, gym, laundry service and a small restaurant in the residence.  
  • Mai-Nam Villa: A few small rooms in a calm location approx. 2 km from the university. An afforfordable and pleasant option, especially if you want to live alone. There's a small swimming pool in the residence, too.  
  • Thanpuying Suite: These well-equipped apartments are only a 10 minute walk away from the university. Very pleasant pool area. Monthly rent for a mid-sized apartment is around 18 000 THB including electricity and a weekly cleaning service. 
  • Chang Tower: Apartments in the "Elephant house" are suitable for groups of friends. Spacious aparments, big pool and a sauna.
  • Supalai: One to two room apartments, a swimming pool and services such as massage therapists, hairdressers and a small convenience store.  
  • The Prim Place: Studios, approx. 9000 THB per month. Normally only contracts for half a year. No swimming pool. 
  • Twin Town Mansion: Several small but affordable apartments. 
  • Bann Chaliang Apartment
  • The Ravipha

Previous students have found it easy to find accommodation near Kasetsart University. More info and tips about the above mentioned accommodation options can be found at former AE students' blogs.


Prince of Songkla University - Phuket, Thailand

There are plenty of accommodation options  near the campus and near popular beaches in Phuket. Options range from basic dorm rooms to luxurious villas. The monthly rents are around 100 – 350 EUR per person.

Baan Maksong (tree house) is an interesting option and located next to the campus. Baan Maksong offers stylish ”Bali-like” accommodation and it has been the favourite of many of our students. Baan Maksong offers students discount prices which are 150 – 200 EUR/person/month depending on the size of the apartment and the number of residents. The apartments' sizes range from 40 – 60 m² and typically accommodate two people. Baan Maksong is a good option for couples or a pair of friends. Baan Maksong also offers short-term accommodation. The reception is open 24 hours a day. Students have access to a swimming pool (in the shade). Cleaning service and electricity are included in the rent.

Delight Village is located next to the university's side gate. Usually larger groups of friends stay at Delight Village's villas. We encourage students to be attentive about their belongings.

Baan Panyah is situated within a kilometer from the campus. It's an apartment building which has been praised by students thanks to its affordable prices, friendly staff and flexibility. Baan Panyah is affordable even for students living alone, because the monthly rent is 160 – 220 EUR depending on the amenities. Each room has a king size bed and is furnished. Pay attention to your belongings.


Villas and agents

More and more students want to rent a villa together somewhere near the campus. We encourage students to compare the options and choose a reliable agent who knows students' needs. Here you can find some agents recommended by previous students:

- Ms. Tiina Hartikainen

Tiina is happy to help in finding reasonable priced condos and houses with easy access to the university. Tiina represents, for example, the Orchid Kathu Heights, Rachaporn, Luckna House and D’condo residencies.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel. +66 894 730 673 (Thailand) / +358 50 3467859 (Finland, during summer)

Skype: fb-divers



- CyanSiam Real Estate

Hand picked properties catering to every taste and budget: whether you wish to combine your studies with a vibrant nightlife, be close to the many beaches around the Island or simply be close to the university for ease of travel.

Web: http://www.cyansiam.com
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel. +66 848 490 386 (contact in Phuket)

PSU also offers on-campus housing (dorm rooms and the campus hotel). The room sizes range from 20 – 25 m² and include two beds. The price is approximately 150 EUR/month at the campus hotel. When staying on campus for less than a month, the daily rate is higher. On-campus housing is not very popular among exchange students.



Guangzhou University - Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou University offers students the possibility of living on campus at a student hotel. The room has been about 100 € a month. The rooms are neat and clean and include basic amenities. The dormitory rooms will be automatically booked for all students accepted to the study abroad program.

Guangzhou also offers accommodation options through the private market. You can ask about them from the local realtors after arriving in China. If you plan on finding off-campus housing, we recommend staying on-campus or at a hotel in the beginning.

Before the start of the study abroad program, Asia Exchange will send each student an Asia Exchange Guide which includes more detailed information on accommodation options.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Universiti Putra Malaysia is located near Serdang’s KTM station. Our recommendation is to accommodate in Serdang. You could also live in Kuala Lumpur, e.g. in the southern parts. Previous students have e.g. lived near KL Sentral. A good idea is to search for a condo near a KTM station of KTM line “Rawang-Seremban". It's the KTM that gets you to the university (Serdang station). E.g. Mid Valley is located on that line and that area has a lot of nice apartments.

In addition to campus housing, there are options near the university in Serdang as well. These options include e.g. The Academia Apartment and The Mines. The Academia Apartment is located at South City Plaza. These quality student apartments are located near Serdang KTM station and have a direct bus connection to UPM campus. The surrounding housing areas of UPM include Balakong, Taman University Indah, Taman Sri Serdang, Bukit Serdang, Seri Kembangan, Serdang Jaya and Serdang Baru.

A popular option for short-term accommodation at the beginning after arriving to KL is Suzie's Guest House.

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