Bali autumn semester 2014 - Asia Exchange students

Asia Exchange Team

Let us introduce the team of Asia Exchange! Besides the people below, we have many passionate interns, alumni and partners helping us to spread the word about the benefits of studying in Asia.

Harri Suominen

Managing Director and co-founder of Asia Exchange

Harri, co-founder of Asia Exchange

Degree from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland. Study abroad semesters in Athens (Greece) and Shanghai (China).

A thirty something entrepreneur following his passions has made his professional dreams come true since 2007 at Asia Exchange. A social being both at work and outside of it who feels as comfortable in a suit as in shorts. Has more than 200 campus visits and over 30 trips to Asia under his belt. Before Asia Exchange worked as an Account Manager at Hewlett-Packard.

“All the greatest experiences in my life are linked to Asia. That’s why I also encourage other people to grab onto their Life-Changing opportunities. Seek your passions, follow your dreams and believe in yourself. Be active and remember to enjoy the everyday things in life. Put in use what you learn and everything is possible!”

Read more about Harri here and check out his LinkedIn profile.

Tuomas Kauppinen

Academic Director and co-founder of Asia Exchange

Tuomas, co-founder of Asia Exchange

Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Business (University of Oulu, Finland). Study abroad semesters in Greensboro (USA) and Shanghai (China).

A passionate study abroad specialist who has visited more than 200 campuses around the world. When not working, Tuomas is surfing, traveling and learning Mandarin Chinese. Based in Hong Kong co-founded Asia Exchange with Harri. Previous work experience as a Corporate Finance Advisor at PwC.

“Study abroad semesters have enabled so many unbelievably things in my career and personal life. Everyone should study abroad at least once. The only thing that I regret is that I didn’t go on a study abroad semester for a third time. Asia is the number one destination of this century.”

You can read more about Tuomas here or read an article about him. Tuomas is also on LinkedIn.

Anna-Mari Pietikäinen

Operations Manager

Anna-Mari from Asia Exchange

Master of Arts in Intercultural Communication (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)

Studied abroad at University of Tartu, Estonia. Internships and voluntary work in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Anna-Mari on LinkedIn

Pekka Pernu

Team Manager


Pekka on LinkedIn

Katariina Lius

International Coordinator

Katariina from Asia Exchange

Master of Arts in Russian Language and Translation (University of Eastern-Finland).

Studied abroad in Russia and Austria. Internship at the International office of Tver State University, Russia.

Katariina on LinkedIn

Nina Kärki

International Coordinator


Master of Social Sciences in International Relations (University of Tampere, Finland) and Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Polytechnic of Jyväskylä, Finland).

Studied abroad in Bangalore, India. Work experience from Laos and Nepal.

Sami Puttonen

International Coordinator


Master of Arts in Education (University of Tampere, Finland).

Studied abroad at Maynooth University, Ireland and Beijing Normal University, China. Worked at the universities international offices, first in Finland and then in Ireland.

Sami on LinkedIn

Suvi Huuhtanen

International Relations Specialist

suvi huuhtanen, asia exchange

Master of Arts in Multilingual Communication and Translation Studies (University of Tampere, Finland).

Studied abroad in Canada. Work experience from Switzerland, France and Sweden.

Suvi on LinkedIn

Katri Yli-Korpula

Student Advisor


Master of Arts in German Language and Culture (University of Tampere, Finland)

Studied abroad in Germany, Austria, and Iceland. Internship in Ankara, Turkey.

Katri on LinkedIn

Eini Parttimaa

International Relations Assistant

Miika Kallasoja

Planning Officer

Miika from Asia Exchange

Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies in Communication and Administration (University of Vaasa, Finland).

Study abroad semesters in Regensburg, Germany and Guangzhou, China. Internship in Bern, Switzerland.

Miika on LinkedIn

Sami Hiltunen

Planning Officer

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