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Asia Exchange enables students to take part in study abroad semesters and internships in Asia. We increase internationalization and streamline student mobility in a convenient and affordable way. This year Asia Exchange celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Asia Exchange Study Abroad Concept

Asia Exchange, established in 2007 in Finland, offers students opportunities to take part in study abroad semesters at our selected partner universities in Asia. The destination countries are China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and Japan. Our partner universities are among the top universities in their respective countries. So far, students from over 400 universities have participated in study abroad semesters with the help of Asia Exchange.

Universities represented by Asia Exchange are ideal for students who are interested in Asia but aren’t able to find suitable study abroad options via their own universities or are left outside the placement quotas. As the students organize their study abroad semesters independently via Asia Exchange, no official agreement with the host university and the students’ home university is needed. Students have a ‘free mover’ status while attending Asia Exchange’s programs.

Prince of Songkla University

Most of the participants are students of Business, Technology, Law, Social Sciences or Tourism, but students from all fields join our programs every year and are given the opportunity to take interesting  electives/minors in an international environment.

Decisions about scholarships and transfer credits are made by the home universities. We encourage students to plan their studies carefully and to include the course syllabi, available on our website, in their study plans to help their home universities allocate transfer credits. Our services, as well as our role as a representative for our Asian partner universities, often decrease the administrative tasks of the home universities.

The courses are held in English and are included in the partner universities’ official syllabus. The courses consist of lectures, workshops, visits to local businesses as well as charity organizations that we sponsor.

The students not only benefit from the study abroad semesters themselves but also from the comprehensive services such as detailed information on the partner universities, the destinations and their culture, local businesses, accommodation options, events etc. We help students by answering questions about the study abroad semesters and the traveling arrangements (e.g. applying for visas, vaccinations, flights and accommodation), as well as by arranging orientations. However, Asia Exchange is not a travel agency and students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements – all a part of the study abroad experience.

Students also benefit from the notable tuition fee discounts negotiated by Asia Exchange. In addition, we have made agreements about a standardized application procedure and minimized the steps in the process of accepting students.

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