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There’s still time to apply for a study abroad semester next autumn!

Would you like to spend a semester abroad this autumn? If yes, then now it is the time for some action, as the application deadline for the many of our programs for the upcoming autumn semester is due on May 31st 2017 (June 18th for Warmadewa University, Bali and Mataram University, Lombok). Our students have the opportunity to choose their destination from several vital and modern metropolises, but the ones enjoying more laid-back beach life aren’t forgotten either! Check out our destinations and partner universities and find the right match for you!

Seoul: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (you can also still apply for the one month Summer School)

Guangzhou: Guangzhou University

Bangkok: Siam University (BBA)

Bali: Udayana University Summer School

Bali: Warmadewa University

Lombok: Mataram University

Our application process is very easy and fast. You will receive an initial acceptance to the program within a week of sending your application. Fill out an application and secure your place in the program of your desires and get to spend an unforgettable semester abroad this autumn!

Our whole selection of destinations and programs can be found here.

Launching brand new free webinars!

Been through our website, read all the information you can find but still have some questions about studying in Asia? Or perhaps you haven’t yet made up your mind whether Asia is the right study abroad destination for you?

We’re now introducing free webinars aimed towards anyone who is interested in studying in Asia, whether it’s about doing a study abroad semester (or a year), joining a summer school or completing a whole degree. The webinars are free of charge.

The webinars are held by our experienced team members. You can submit questions beforehand which you would like to get answered during the webinar, or you can ask your questions  during the webinar itself.

There will be both general webinars about studying in Asia as well as webinars focusing on specific destinations in Asia, for example Indonesia or Thailand.

The first general webinar will take place on Friday, March 24th at 10 AM Central European time (GMT +1). You will learn why Asia is quickly becoming one of the most popular study abroad destinations for students from all over the world and why studying in Asia can be an important investment into your personal and professional future. Learn more about this webinar and sign up here. Please note that there is only a limited number of seats available, so if you’re interested, be quick to sign up!

Additional webinars will be held next autumn. We’ll keep you posted!


To celebrate our 10th anniversary, for the last few months we have been running the Win the Experience of a Lifetime –contest, in which we were looking for a student to study for a semester in one of Asia Exchange study abroad destinations and share his/her experiences with the rest of the world on social media.

The number of great applications from all over the world made us very happy – yet it did take us a good while to first narrow the applicants down to six people who were then interviewed. Also in the applications that didn’t make the cut there was so much talent and enthusiasm that we will be strongly considering doing a similar contest in the coming years. In all honesty, every single one of the interviewed students could have been a winner, yet it was Thomas E. Kingston from UK who impressed us the most.

Thomas E. Kingston from UK was chosen to be the winner of ‘Experience of a Lifetime’ competition, and will be heading over to study in Seoul this autumn.

Thomas, a mid-twenties law graduate, currently studying his masters in Pacific Asian studies at SOAS London University, not only demonstrated overall positive attitude, broad skills in social media and blog writing, and great interest towards the position as our “Social Media Superstar” – but also genuine enthusiasm and knowledge about Asia and South Korea in particular. Thomas will be heading over to study at HUFS in Seoul this fall with flights and tuition fees paid for by us! See a short video clip from him right below!


Congratulation to Thomas – we are excited to get to share studying abroad experience in Korea with the rest of the world through his eyes. And thank you again to everyone who applied!


Summer semester in Bali? You can still apply!

Want to spend the summer in Bali?

Last autumn we were very happy to announce a brand new cooperation with Warmadewa University in Bali, our second partner university in Bali and our third one in Indonesia. For years we have partnered with one of the island’s most prestigious universities, Udayana University, whose international BIPAS (Bali International Program on Asian Studies) program has grown highly popular among students from all over the world. So popular in fact that there was a need for another program in Bali that would offer the same degree of internationality and interdisciplinarity, the hallmarks of the BIPAS program.

Additionally, there was a need for a program that would better suit the academic calendars of students all across the world, where semesters might begin at different times and therefore sometimes overlap with a planned study abroad semester.

Learn skills for the future

The new Warmadewa International Program (WIP) at Warmadewa University answers the demand for a program similar to BIPAS. It covers a broad variety of topics, ranging from Indonesian language and culture to tourism and strategic management. It provides you with an in-depth look at the next rising star of the South-East Asian region, knowledge that could prove invaluable should you be aiming for a career in international business or international relations.

No matter what your desired career path, however, immersing yourself in a foreign culture and leaving the familiar behind even just for a few months will expand your worldview and teach you intercultural awareness, an indispensable skill in the globalized and interconnected world of today.

Semester runs from April to July

Unlike the BIPAS program which starts in January, the Warmadewa International Program starts later in spring. If you want to study in Bali but starting your study abroad semester in January does not suit your schedule, the new program is the perfect option for you. Launched for the first time in summer 2017, it runs every year from April to July (summer semester) and September to December (autumn semester).

Limited time to apply

The deadline for the summer semester ended officially on December 31st, but we are happy to announce that we can still accept applications for a limited time on a case-by-case basis. So, if the idea of studying in a highly intriguing international program while living on the famous paradise island of Bali is something that really inspires you, be sure to act quick and send us your application in the next few days!

>> Find out more about the program and apply

Asia Exchange Summer Semester in Bali



Universiti Putra Malaysia ranks high on the UI-Greenmetric World University Ranking

University Putra Malaysia ranks as the best university in Malaysia.

Asia Exchange’s partner university, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) ranked 1st in Malaysia, 2nd in Southeast Asia, 4th in Asia and 34th in the world in the recently published UI-Greenmetric World University Rankings of 2016.

UPM in Kuala Lumpur has been consistently ranked close or very close to the top on several university rankings since we started our co-operation in 2013, and we at Asia Exchange are very proud of our long-term partnership with Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Congratulations UPM!

Asia Exchange Blog – Most read articles of 2016



At Asia Exchange Blog we share stories and articles that are travel and study abroad related. With articles being published on a weekly basis from all of our study abroad destinations, there is a lot of information available for anyone looking to do an exchange semester abroad in Asia.

We wanted to share the most read articles from 201 with you in case you missed some of them, so here is the TOP-5. Click on the title of the article you would like to read to open the whole story in a new tab.

Mexican Spirit in Southeast Asia

Guillermo from Mexico City spent a semester studying in Bali at Udayana University and shared his story with us. Read how this happy young man enjoyed his time in Asia.

Love Abroad

More often than not, traveling to a new country can lead into more than just amazing experiences. Read this article to find out what happens when two different cultures meet and there’s a match!

Khao San Road Do’s and Don’ts

The infamous backpacker strip of Bangkok needs no further ado. What to do, and what not to do when visiting Khao San?

Laugh, Smile, and Be Open Minded

Two good friends from Germany decide to go and study in Bali for a whole year – and they shared their experience with you on this article.

Comrades from Afar Meet in Guangzhou

Everybody enjoys a good love story. Two spirits from two different countries were just starting their study abroad semesters in Guangzhou with Asia Exchange when their eyes met for the first time…

We are looking forward to seeing what 2017 will bring. If you would like to contribute to Asia Exchange blog, please email us directly at



Bali Summer School now open for applications!

Asia Exchange is proud to announce a new addition to our study abroad options, Bali Summer School! We have worked together with our long-term partner Udayana University to make this program a possibility and we are ready to start the program in July 2017.

The program lasts four weeks from July 31st to August 27th, and the students can earn up to 20 ECTS during their time in the exotic island of Bali. You will study in an international environment with students from all over the world, in the most prestigious university the island of Bali offers. The students will study the local culture, experience new ways of studying and make new friends from all over the world, all in the same package of one month. Experience Bali and its culture next summer in a brand new program that suits the needs of many different fields of studying.

If you are looking for a life-changing experience, but cannot study an entire semester abroad, Bali Summer School is a great choice for you. You will not miss the start of your autumn semester at home either, so read more about the summer school program in Bali and apply now!

If you feel like studying abroad during the summer, but Bali does not seem to be the correct destination for you, we also offer a summer program in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, Korea. Find out more about our summer program in Korea.

Study in Bali, Indonesia - Bali Sunrise from as seen from the top of Mount Batur

Bali Sunrise from as seen from the top of Mount Batur

Asia Exchange participates in the IAU General Conference in Bangkok

The International Association of Universities (IAU) held its 15th General Conference in the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand earlier this week. The IAU General Conference is the decision-making body of the Association, and it is on this occasion that IAU Members elect the IAU president as well as the Administrative Board Members. The event is organized every four years. This year also marks the 100th anniversary of the higher education system in Thailand.

The Princess of Thailand with IAU Board Members in the 15th IAU General Conference in Bangkok
Among the participants were the Princess of Thailand (in the middle) and several IAU Board Members. (Image courtesy of Siam University.)

The main topics of this year’s conference focused on sharing strategies and practices that demonstrate how education institutions can contribute to innovation and sustainability and find solutions to current global challenges. IAU is known for actively promoting the important role and responsibility of universities as education providers to act as catalysts for innovation and a societal change towards sustainable development.

The solemn opening ceremony of the conference at Chulalongkorn University was presided under a strict protocol by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. In attendance were 300 heads of Member institutions including university presidents and principals as well as speakers from 80 countries. This year also our own Academic Director Mr. Tuomas Kauppinen had the chance to participate and represent Asia Exchange in the conference where he was invited by Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit, the President of Siam University and the Vice President of IAU. Tuomas was very pleased with the event as he found it a great opportunity to meet and interact with international education experts and peers.

– The conference provided an excellent venue for networking with the industry leaders. It gave us a lot of new ideas and possibilities to further develop and improve our operations now and in the future.


What’s up, Blokess in Bangkok?

Be like Blokess, study in Bangkok.

Oftentimes a good story begins with an anecdote. And so does this one.

Martin Kalliola, a co-founder of the comedy group Blokess, had just landed in Bangkok, taken the first looks at the university campus and wanted to enroll for the courses for the upcoming semester.

Off he went, right to the office he thought he was supposed to. Wrong choice, Martin, wrong choice.

He was told he was not in a right office at all and was kindly sent to the information desk. They, in turn, sent him helpfully to another office, who returned him back to the information desk.

– At one point, I managed to get into an office, where I got a signature and things moved a little forward before going to another office, he explains.

The anecdote might be slightly exaggerated for entertainment purposes, but surely gives a picture of the situations one might face in foreign countries.

After living two and half months in Bangkok, Kalliola admits he felt a little bit of a culture shock in the beginning.

– Things were not quite as organized as back in Finland, some patience was needed to get started with, he says.

Initial culture shock is somewhat typical for many students going abroad, until the feelings start to fade away and often turn into feelings of affection.

Jussi Pulkkinen, another co-founder of Blokess, tells he has settled well in Bangkok after the initial adaptation period.

– I don’t think I could realize from Finland, how different it would be living here, he says.

– But I just recently returned from a holiday from Singapore, Dubai and Phuket and coming back to Bangkok already felt like coming home.

Asia is a great choice for your wallet

These days, students have the world wide open when selecting the destinations for their exchange studies.

Studying in Asia is an increasingly popular choice, and both Martin and Jussi have noticed the benefits. Especially economic ones.

– There are so many things you can do and see even within a student budget. For example, Martin just went to Bali while I flew to Singapore for a holiday, Jussi informs.

Eating out is very affordable, as is going to movies, let alone going to local internet cafés for computer gaming sessions.

– We often go to an internet café to play Counter Strike. Can you imagine, you can go with forty friends to play side-by-side and pay only 25 cents per hour each, Kalliola enthuses.

The highlights of the study abroad experience have been the numerous new friends, improving the English skills and getting a chance to travel to some of the best places on earth.

– Also in Bangkok there is everything you can possibly need. You can really chill out here if you want to, Pulkkinen says.

Partying is indeed an important part of the study abroad experience for many, and Blokess have not missed out on that.

– Yes, we have dropped by at the clubs at times, they laugh.

– One of our friends has a habit of booking a huge hotel room, takes care of the service and invites us all. That’s pretty amazing way to start an evening before heading to Khao San Road.

Conquering a new field anytime soon!

In the middle of studies, attractions of a new city and spending time with their new friends, the Blokess video production has been somewhat more tranquil in the past couple of months.

– There has been so much to do and so many new things to digest. At times we have been pretty exhausted, they admit.

There is good news for loyal fans, however, as they are filming new material in the first weeks of November.

Blokess just recently stepped into a whole new territory with their prank videos, and are about to conquer another field in the very near future. It’s not only about filming and acting anymore, as music will play a big role in the next video.

– We’ll soon release a brand-new rap video, and it’s going to be awesome. We have already made the song, but still need to shoot the video, they reveal.

Other than that, they’ll keep having a good time in Bangkok and finish off the study semester at Siam University in December.

Jussi will be back in Finland for Christmas, Martin after New Year’s.

– This has been a great experience so far, but I bet it’s going to be the same as with my military service. You only realize afterwards where you have been, Jussi contemplates.

Asia Exchange wishes Blokess all the best for the remaining of the semester and looks forward to a remarkable rap video in the very near future.

Give Blokess a follow at Instagram (@blokess), Facebook (@instablokess) and YouTube (Blokess). There’s also a nice collection of Blokess videos here at Asia Exchange website.

If you’d like to experience Bangkok first-hand, be like Blokess and go study in Bangkok.

You can study for a semester or two in Kasetsart University or Siam University. If a whole BBA or MBA degree is your thing, head straight to Siam University.


NEW DESTINATION! Study in Japan via Asia Exchange!

Study in Osaka, Japan - Cherry Blossom

It’s officially one of the best days of the year, as we can proudly present our most recent study abroad destination.

Study abroad semester in Japan is a life-long dream for many and the demand for Japanese exchange opportunities is constantly on the rise. Now it’s easier than ever to apply, as Asia Exchange begins a collaboration with Otemon Gakuin University in Osaka prefecture.

The University is located in Ibaraki city, a 15 minutes train ride from both Osaka and Kyoto.

The interdisciplinary study program is taught in English, and it includes courses in Japanese language, culture, economy, literature and philosophy.

We are now accepting applications for the very first round of the program until December 2nd 2016. The first semester runs from April to July, followed by a semester from September to January.

We recommend you to be quick with your papers, as we can fit only a limited number of students for the first program.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime and leave your application now!

Find out more about the program and secure your semester in Japan next year.