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Studying Abroad in Asia

Want to study abroad? Go to Bali or Lombok in Indonesia, Seoul in Korea, Guangzhou and Shanghai in China, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand via Asia Exchange!

The internationally recognized host universities are responsible for the teaching. All of our host universities are accredited by their respective countries’ Ministries of Education.

Why study in Asia?

Asia is the most strategically important part of the world. Asian economies and the political weight Asia carries are increasing at a never-before seen rate.

Tropical climate, dynamic cities, affordable living and tuition costs, and quality education make studying in Asia an exciting study abroad option. Asia has become a popular study abroad destination that not only provides unique experiences but also enhances your resume and career options.

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Easy, fast and reliable – Asia Exchange

Applying to study abroad in Asia is easy and your study placement is guaranteed. You will get a confirmation of your study place within one week. Here on our website you will find information on the study abroad destinations, the host universities, scholarships, course credits and much more. You can also read student blogs and reports, watch interviews, and get to know other students.

Studying abroad in Asia can be the best decision you will ever make. Thousands of students have gone abroad via us, from over 200 universities around the world. Study in Asia and experience the best semester of your life!

“Time flies and we have almost reached the point where we have to say goodbye to this beautiful country, the beautiful people and beautiful vibes. We’d like to thank you again for all this time. It was definitely the best time of our lives so far – and you as an organization made that possible. You and your team are doing great work! Keep it up!”

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